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What is Clinical Hypnotherapy ? 

Our team of certified and specialist therapists is ready to provide clinical hypnotherapy services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. We have the clinical hypnotherapists each with their own unique specialization and skills. Whether you need help or support with breaking bad habits that could increasingly improve quality of life or medical hypnotherapy, we have the experienced and certified hypnotherapists to assist you. Clinical hypnotherapy has been frequently shown to effectively help individuals to ameliorate wide range bad habits or behaviours including smoking, nail biting, impulsive gambling, compulsive drinking as well as overeating. These behavioural bad habits typically formed as the subconscious mind embraces these behaviors as to manage even a minimal stress. However, bad habits often lead to concerns of powerful secondary type negative emotional and somatic consequences and adversely impact quality of life for a long time. As such, the empowerment of practical clinical hypnotherapy interventions that interact directly with your advanced subconscious mind can effectively drive to the cessation of those problems. Besides, clinical hypnotherapy is safe and has been used for the management of several forms of psychological conditions including anxiety, panic attack relief, trauma, depression, functional stress, OCDs and phobias. Not only that, the prior, usual pain and irritable bowel syndrome are among the medical conditions that can be managed effectively through hypnotherapy. By mitigating the basis of these problems, quality of life can be greatly improved. If you are looking for the opportunity to practice hypnotherapy to break bad habits, improve life quality or need a hypnotic approach to change your bad lifestyle, feel free to schedule future appointments with our professional team at Phileo Damansara. You can contact us now via telephone call or email and we get to you in a short period of time. You might also want to discuss or enquire more on our service before you make your decision to start this journey.

What is hypnotherapy used for?

Change Bad Habits

Improve Life

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Medical Hypnosis

How Does Hypnotherapy Help

Hypnosis is a specific deep relaxation technique guided regularly by hypnotherapist professionals and its role is to induce an increased altered state of consciousness by subtle manipulation through communications with the client. This then results in focused patient attention and an enhanced ability to respond to complementary suggestions by own intention. Hypnosis has a lot of benefits. Backed by healthcare scientific evidence, hypnosis is considered a good cognitive therapy to help you gain control over undesired, unwanted behaviors or bad habits that have been putting weight on your shoulders. This includes nail biting, hair pulling that leads to hair loss, overeating, smoking and gambling. Besides that, it may help you to better cope with stress, anxiety or pain, thus making you feel calmer without having to take personalised medicine. In addition, hypnosis has been shown to bring improvement in clients’ medical conditions by changing their mindset including irritable bowel syndrome as well as other common biological chronic pain issues and improve difficulties in childbirth experience. On the first consultation, our hypnotherapist practitioner will explain the process of hypnosis and review your personal treatment final goal or care. After that, they will offer you a structured planning model after we obtained your consent. This is to make sure that the progression is smooth and you feel more engaged, motivated and committed to exercise the plan to your healing process. Various designed approaches and indications will be employed by our qualified hypnotherapist customizable to our patients primary problems after we get the insights. Then, in all sessions, our hypnotherapist will talk in a gentle, friendly, soothing tone and describe lucid images or situations that are expected to create a strong initial sense of real relaxation and belief that offers security and well-being to benefit you. This may take a few hours. When you’re progressing into a trance-like state, your subconscious mind orientation can be assessed and it is more integrative to positive suggestions than your rational conscious mind. In addition, the relaxed state of mind also makes you mindful and can regress on past memory to address the root cause for your symptoms. After establishing the root cause, under our hypnotherapist supervision, they will suggest simple methods for you to achieve your goals based on your symptoms, such as reducing physical pain or eliminating or managing difficult cravings to smoke. Furthermore, our hypnotherapist may also use imagery techniques in helping you to visualize vivid and creating meaningful mental images of yourself accomplishing your principal goals. This helps to empower your subconscious mind everyday in order to embrace positive changes thus overcome issues effortlessly by your own choice. Hypnosis is an effective modality in coping or block all types of bad habits, mental issues and multiple medical conditions. By eliminating a variety of bad habits, mental disorders or mitigating acute medical conditions, your quality of life, self esteem and health performance can be improved.

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