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We provide certified hypnosis psychology treatment based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. Hypnosis psychology approach is safe, private and can be very effective in helping you to achieve the capabilities in resolving detrimental habits, mental disorders and compulsive behavioral issues that often affect your quality of life. The common medical psychological conditions which can be improved in a person using special hypnosis skills includes weight issues, insomnia, phobia, stress and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Stress can lead to the development of a wide range of health issues be it physically, mentally or emotionally. People may then seek the best management to reduce their daily stress through emotional overeating and consequently causes secondary potential weight issues. Besides that, stress can also make an individuals’ brain feel restless and experience insomnia problems. These are abnormal psychological responses towards stress that adversely affect one’s health. Nonetheless, these problems can be resolved at its origin or root cause and make positive changes through hypnosis psychology practitioner supervision. Besides that, phobia characterized by extensive fear towards certain things or conditions can cause significant distress. On top of that, OCD not only causes physical health issues by repeated behaviors, it can also impact the interpersonal relationship as well as reducing efficiency at work. Overall, in-time treatment should be sought after to prevent dreadful consequences. If you are seeking hypnosis psychology or hypnotherapist services, you can contact our team by phone call or drop us an email today to book an appointment with our professionals. You can also visit us at Phileo Damansara to find more about our services.

What is hypnotherapy used for?

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How can Hypnosis psychology change my life?

Hypnosis psychology is a technique used to deal with psychological issues by achieving a state of heightened awareness power and communicating with the subconscious mind. When your mind is concentrated and focused, you are able to use it more powerfully. Hypnosis psychology allows your mind especially the subconscious to change by becoming more receptive for discussion topics and better respond to review positive suggestions. The duration for treatments may take weeks to months. Hypnosis psychology has been used in assisting stress, anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobia, insomnia and pain problems. Not only that, it is also used to break extended bad habits that cause detrimental health effects including smoking, overeating, gambling and drinking. In addition, hypnosis programmes have been shown to effectively help with the weight loss journey by empowering the mind to make healthy eating choices easier. This excludes the usage of drug or medicine. On top of that, hypnosis psychology has been used as a stimulus to treat irritable bowel syndrome by resolving the misconnection between the gut and the nervous system that has led to the problems mentioned. Our accredited and professional practitioners practice regular hypnosis psychology or psychotherapy in three complementary techniques. First, they guide your body into deep relaxation and encourage the unique use of your imagination. Mental imagery can create a very powerful response, especially when you are in a stage of focused state of attention. It is at this state that the root cause of symptoms can be addressed by the intervention. Next, the second basic hypnotic method is to present you with ideas and suggestions by our therapists. In a state of concentrated attention, ideas and suggestions that are compatible with individual goals can impact and control your mind to master behavioral positive changes. Finally, hypnosis training may be used for empowering the mind by practicing or study word repetition that gives our clients encouragement and motivation to depart from current psychological issue. By resolving the underlying psychological or cognitive issues you may have using hypnosis psychology resources, your quality of life will definitely be enhanced and developed to a new state. Not only can you enjoy better interpersonal or social relationships, you are able to keep adverse physical health consequences contained.

Frequently Asked Questions

What life issues can be improved effectively by hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has been shown to help to improve quality of life. It is often done to assist patients to overcome phobia, stress, panic attack, insomnia and overeating problems. Once the problem is handled and treated, quality of life is improved.

How does hypnotherapy work to improve quality of life?

Hypnotherapy works by helping your mind to be more mindful of your situation, establish triggers or causes of problems, followed by learning techniques to cope with the distress. Your subconscious mind will be able to make more positive changes thus improve quality of life.

How many sessions of hypnotherapy do I need to improve quality of life?

The exact number of clinical sessions for hypnotherapy depends on the individual’s condition and techniques used by the hypnotherapist. Both patients and hypnotherapists will need to work together to ensure the efficacy of the treatment plan.

Hypnosis has helped me overcome the most painful period in my life for more than a year after my accident. I am now back to work and is able to manage my symptoms effectively. Thanks for being so caring and patience with me.  

Brad Lee

I suffer from insomnia for many years. This has affected my daily routine as I always feel lethargic and tired. Hypnosis cured me with just 2 sessions. Simple method and approach. I can now train my mind and  command myself to be at ease easily. 

Ismail bin Ibrahim

My OCD behaviour has made my life absolutely a nightmare. I could not operate normally and have caused all my family members to worry about me. After the therapy sessions, I can function well. It’s a miracle and I am eternally grateful. Thank you. 

Tyler Robbin

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