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What is Pain ? 

Hypnotherapy provided by our clinics in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia are dedicated to help resolve your pain issue. This condition is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional encounter associated with actual or potential musculoskeletal tissue damage. It is typically classified as an acute, chronic or cancer form. Acute symptom lasts for a short period of time and occurs following an injury or issue. It usually improves as the injuries recover, in some cases, it may not. Meanwhile, some suffer from ongoing tightened sensation for a longer period beyond that of expected. It can exist without a clear reason for months and usually associated with a long-term illness. As for cancer pains, it can occur with early stage and advanced diseases. It is also debilitating side effects of cancer treatment. Pain is not just a physical nerve sensation. It is highly subjective as people have different levels of pain tolerance. Besides that, it is influenced by attitudes, beliefs, personality and social factors, and can affect emotional and mental wellbeing. Let us assist you in natural and comprehensive pain relief therapies as recommended by thousands of testimonials as well as international award winning. Besides using corticosteroid injection treatment modality or other expensive invasive therapy, doctors and physiotherapists also recommend hypnotherapy as an adjunct intervention. Call or drop an email to us today to make an appointment at Phileo Damansara with our team of qualified and friendly hypnotherapists.

What is hypnotherapy used for?

Change Bad Habits

Improve Life

Achieve Potential

Medical Hypnosis

How Does Hypnotherapy Help

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective, safe and precise for most people suffering from various forms of pain thus improving quality of life at lower cost. Since hypnotherapy is designed to put patients in a greatly relaxed state, it redirects your focus from the painful sensation and trauma. During the process, you will likely be more mindful of your breathing to help you relax. Then, our hypnotherapist will guide you to imagine a pleasant situation or ask you to imagine each of your muscles and shoulder relaxing. This procedure helps to divert your attention from triggers of negative emotions to things that will activate positive emotion, indirectly prepares you for suggestions or regimens on how to react to pain in future. Furthermore, hypnotherapy can help to reduce stress levels thus breaking the stress and painful feeling. On top of that, tension and stiffness of muscle tissues can be reduced and relieved. Hypnotherapy has been proven efficacious for recovery from interventional radiology, surgery, treatment of burns, child-birth labor anaesthesia and pain related to dental work. Besides that, hypnotherapy has been used successfully for headache, ache of spine and neck, fibromyalgia, aches of carcinoma-related, and temporomandibular disorder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does medical hypnosis mean?

Medical hypnosis is part of hypnotic technique that deals with medical conditions aimed to alleviate symptoms or ameliorate physiological disorders. These include panic attack, anxiety and PTSD. Besides that, it is used for reduction of mental stress during medical treatment and facilitates physiological healing processes.

Can medical hypnosis resolve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?

Yes. Ample research evidence have shown the efficacy of gut-directed medical hypnosis to treat IBS. Hypnotherapy helps to resolve the miscommunication problem between the gut and the brain, thus restoring normal muscle contraction in the gut.

How does medical hypnosis work for high blood pressure?

During medical hypnosis, you feel calm and relaxed. This in turn helps to regulate your blood pressure. In the longer run, the ability to relax allows your physical body a chance to start to repair and benefit from lower blood pressure. Hypnotherapy also helps to remove triggers for high blood pressure.

Hypnosis has helped me overcome the most painful period in my life for more than a year after my accident. I am now back to work and is able to manage my symptoms effectively. Thanks for being so caring and patience with me.  

Brad Lee

I suffer from insomnia for many years. This has affected my daily routine as I always feel lethargic and tired. Hypnosis cured me with just 2 sessions. Simple method and approach. I can now train my mind and  command myself to be at ease easily. 

Ismail bin Ibrahim

My OCD behaviour has made my life absolutely a nightmare. I could not operate normally and have caused all my family members to worry about me. After the therapy sessions, I can function well. It’s a miracle and I am eternally grateful. Thank you. 

Tyler Robbin

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