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What is PTSD ? 

Our clinic provides hypnosis treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. This is a cognitive condition that is triggered by a terrifying event, either you experienced it or witnessed it. Generally, it is natural to feel afraid during and after a traumatic situation and nearly everyone recovers from initial fear naturally. However, syndrome may be diagnosed if the person has on-going trauma and disturbance for months or even years that subsequently interfere frequently with your day-to-day optimal functions. Flashbacks, unpleasant dreams, severe distress, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the events are among the common manifestations. It might start within one month of a trauma, but sometimes it might not appear until years later. Conditions can vary over time or vary from person to person. While the exact cause is not clearly known, it is probably caused by a complex association of stressful experiences, inherited mental health risk, inherited features of your personality as well as the way your brain and nerve regulates the chemicals and hormones your body releases in response to tension. If you find our services in need or have gotten referral from doctors, make an appointment with our certified and registered hypnotherapists today for comprehensive therapy and services. Contact our clinic consultant team at Phileo Damansara via phone or send us an email.

What is hypnotherapy used for?

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How Does Hypnotherapy Help

Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based, safe and effective treatment for PTSD whereby it can treat the deformity as well as heal and reverse the individual from the underlying cause. It has been suggested that hypnosis counseling helps to prevent or reduce adverse complication following a trauma, reduce anxiety, and help people get in touch with past encounter details and feelings associated with their experience. The five major types include exposure, intrusion, avoidance, alteration and arousal, of which different approaches will be employed by our professional hypnotherapists to treat the associated psychological symptoms and relieve root cause. Hypnotherapy in a large part deals with unlocking your subconscious mind. While in the trance-like state, you will be able to fully relax. Our friendly practitioners can then help you to safely access your stuck memories in the subconscious mind to better understand and address the emotions as well as reactions surrounding your trauma. Our hypnotherapists will also guide you in identifying your triggers and gain control on how you react about them. Any negative conclusions or beliefs regarding the stressful episode can be released and transformed through hypnotherapy. Another useful component of hypnotherapy is teaching the patients ways in which they can modulate their own physiological reactivity and rebuilding consolidation. In addition, there are several other ways hypnotherapy is effectively used in the therapy developed to an individual’s situation. For instance, the patient can be introduced to immediate installation of powerful tension reduction protocol. Multiple exercise tutorials and techniques can be recorded and done daily or as often as needed after leaving the clinic. Hypnotherapy can be a powerful treatment because it treats the issue at its core which is the trigger. As hypnotherapy is primarily a method for accessing and treating the subconscious, it is perfect for overcoming countless other issues that originate in some type of trigger or locked away memory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by medical hypnosis?

Medical hypnosis is part of hypnotic technique that deals with medical conditions aimed to alleviate symptoms or ameliorate physiological disorders. These include panic attack, anxiety and PTSD. Besides that, it is used for reduction of mental stress during medical treatment and facilitates physiological healing processes.

Can medical hypnosis resolve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?

Yes. Ample research evidence have shown the efficacy of gut-directed medical hypnosis to treat IBS. Hypnotherapy helps to resolve the miscommunication problem between the gut and the brain, thus restoring normal muscle contraction in the gut.

How does medical hypnosis work for high blood pressure?

During medical hypnosis, you feel calm and relaxed. This in turn helps to regulate your blood pressure. In the longer run, the ability to relax allows your physical body a chance to start to repair and benefit from lower blood pressure. Hypnotherapy also helps to remove triggers for high blood pressure.

Hypnosis has helped me overcome the most painful period in my life for more than a year after my accident. I am now back to work and is able to manage my symptoms effectively. Thanks for being so caring and patience with me.  

Brad Lee

I suffer from insomnia for many years. This has affected my daily routine as I always feel lethargic and tired. Hypnosis cured me with just 2 sessions. Simple method and approach. I can now train my mind and  command myself to be at ease easily. 

Ismail bin Ibrahim

My OCD behaviour has made my life absolutely a nightmare. I could not operate normally and have caused all my family members to worry about me. After the therapy sessions, I can function well. It’s a miracle and I am eternally grateful. Thank you. 

Tyler Robbin

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