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Why is Overeating bad for you ? 

Our team provides hypnosis to stop overeating syndrome in Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Based on statistics, Malaysia is known for the second highest obesity prevalence rate in Asia. Generally, eating increases the production of a feel-good, free chemical hormone that can avoid distress and fear, known as dopamine that is associated with feelings of happiness which is a form of self-reward. A sharp emotional distress that comes from the exposed local environment may lead people to spiral out of control and eat more regular than the normal essential diet requirements, subjective to an individual body type. While overeating can contribute to huge key medical issues and uncomfortable feelings of bloating and bowel indigestion, cyclic overeating leads to a wide range of prime detrimental health consequences. That is why it is important to set and plan your meals and only eat in designated time, mainly breakfast, lunch and dinner to live healthily. By consuming a surplus of calories, your body tends to promote excess fat deposit leading to increased body weight that contributes to overweight and eventually obesity. This is further exacerbated by sweet foods choices or selection like chocolate cookies, snacks, sweet pastries and less healthy food like fruits, vegetables and other sources. Furthermore, obesity status can claim a high risk factor of a myriad exposure of diseases as the nutrition is impaired. By having a lot of meals with fats, the excessive fats can surround your vital organs and in the blood vessels and that can cause heart attacks. Apart from that, your blood pressure, cholesterol level and blood sugar level will be raised while avoiding it can prevent and decrease the risk of these harmful diseases. A nice portion of fat, vitamin, carbohydrates, and amino acids in a day should be enough, and this is eaten by following the individual adults needs and constant monitoring. High levels of these biomarkers then increases risk for hypertension, diabetes, heart attack and stroke, which are the main factors of morbidity worldwide besides alcohol consumption and smoking. Besides that, chronic overeating without rest and less exercise has the hot potential to disrupt the hormone regulation of hunger and fullness in your body and it can lose the feeling of satiety. Besides damage to physical health consequences, people who overeat foods may observe dark feelings of shame, helplessness and guilt. Hypnotherapy process serves as a natural, decent and effective way to resolve overeating problems. It can be managed and prevented. Call or email us now to make an appointment at Philoe Damansara and improve your lifestyle.

What is hypnotherapy used for?

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How Does Hypnotherapy Help

Most often, the root cause of overeating lies in our subconscious mind. This is because we have been conditioned to attach positive associations with certain types of food by experience. Even more so, our subconscious has been conditioned to use food as a safety blanket when our body’s defense system is activated during stressful times. The urge to eat thousands of calories in a short amount of time is often irrational and spikes quickly. To overcome and reduce this unhealthy eating habit, it needs more than just willpower. The good news is, our hypnotherapy service approach can help you to manage and get these urges under control if it occurs. A lot of patients have improved and reduced their food intakes by following hypnotherapy. Besides recognizing the cravings, the subconscious mind can be viewed, trained to change, including to be more supportive in helping to overcome the reactions that lead to overeating. Our hypnotherapists will work with you to address the difficult root cause of your eating habits and relationship with food. Then, the goal is to get rid of the subconscious and emotional triggers that lead you to overeat naturally. Various insightful approaches can be used by first identifying and making a review of the root cause that can be very useful to minimize and moderate the temptation. As food addiction can be perpetuated by active stress and anxiety, hypnotherapy helps to repair the underlying conditions. In addition, mindful eating is among the methods that allow us to recognize cravings and physical feelings of hunger, and to be thoughtful of eating. It also helps to break the habitual thoughts that are reactionary and negative leading to radical overeating. Furthermore, planned aversion techniques may be used by our hypnotherapists to inform the patient regarding the negative impacts of irritable overeating, making the patient more aware of keeping self-health on check and eventually drops overeating. Then, the subconscious will be suggested with better options for desired positive associations. Not only that, hypnotherapy is a powerful quality tool with long term effects for restoring confidence and learning to love ourselves more. Instead of forcing yourself onto new routine diets that never functions, hypnotherapy empowers you to embrace a healthier lifestyle automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hypnotherapy works to change unwanted habits?

Habits are generally stemmed from the subconscious mind. Hence, hypnotherapy can help to change away unwanted habits at the subconscious level when the mind is more open to positive suggestions at relaxed state. Besides, your subconscious mind can be retrained to search for alternative ways to counteract stress and anxiety.

Will the unwanted habit ever return after hypnotherapy?

No one can guarantee if you will ever choose to do the unwanted actions again. However, it is very rare that an individual would make a conscious decision to resort back for unwanted habits after successfully treated with hypnotherapy including nail biting, hair pulling, smoking and overeating.

Will I experience withdrawal symptoms when changing habits?

Hypnotherapy helps you to break from unwanted habits without stress. This is because your mind is now more aware of what you are doing and gains control to stop unwanted habits easily.

Hypnosis has helped me overcome the most painful period in my life for more than a year after my accident. I am now back to work and is able to manage my symptoms effectively. Thanks for being so caring and patience with me.  

Brad Lee

I suffer from insomnia for many years. This has affected my daily routine as I always feel lethargic and tired. Hypnosis cured me with just 2 sessions. Simple method and approach. I can now train my mind and  command myself to be at ease easily. 

Ismail bin Ibrahim

My OCD behaviour has made my life absolutely a nightmare. I could not operate normally and have caused all my family members to worry about me. After the therapy sessions, I can function well. It’s a miracle and I am eternally grateful. Thank you. 

Tyler Robbin

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